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Hi! I'm Amanda, and I'm elated you're here.

We’re a lot alike, you and me—trying to garner our identity as a woman, while being pulled in countless directions by our community, our partners and especially...our littles.


If you’re a woman, a mother, someone seeking inspiration and guidance, or trying to better understand yourself and your littles this will feel like home. My aim is to empower mothers by supporting the woman within. 


Deeply knowing yourself is a lifelong competency, and I believe it’s imperative we strive to do so. Rest assured all of us are works in progress, but I’m here to champion you during the quest. Here’s a wild yet true thought: We must be known and nurtured first, before our littles. The work we do on ourselves expands our capacity to freely love our littles and care for them wholeheartedly. If we show grace to ourselves, we can authentically extend that grace. If we practice compassion with ourselves, we can then share that boundless compassion. See where I'm going with this?!


I invite you to explore this site, check out the "Ask Me Anything" section, and to keep coming back—you’ll find consistently new pieces here that motivate, challenge, validate, or affirm your unique identity. And remember, we’re all learning together. 

Amanda is a MSW, LCSW and practices mental health therapy at Boston Children’s Hospital, primarily focusing on adolescents and families. She received her master’s degree at Boston University, and has since obtained specialization certifications in trauma and Cognitive Based Therapy. Based in Atlanta, she and her husband have two toddlers, Lucas (3)  and Scarlett (1). This web site is a blend of professional expertise and personal experience. All opinions are her own.