3 Things Mindfulness Will Do For You In Motherhood

(Contributor Post)

“You can’t help others if your cup is empty - remember that before you pour” - This phrase was shared to me by one of my favourite professors back in my university days and if is hands down the most wise things I have ever heard. 

Before becoming Mila’s mother, I would constantly pour from an empty cup, promising others things I knew I didn’t have the time to uphold, overbooking myself, and essentially just trying to be everyone’s number one supporter. All the while completely out of tune to my own needs. 

Long story short - this way of living didn’t work out well for me. I realized quickly I cannot be there for everyone, I cannot change or fix our world on my own. By acknowledging this I also realized how neglected I had been to my own self in the process!

Since being a mother, I have been much more receptive to my needs through practicing mindfulness. I’ve learned how to protect parts of myself that I cannot giveaway freely without being spent. 

It’s been a journey and then some figuring out what works for me and there will be more learning along the way! 

Here are 3 of the small changes Mindfulness has helped me make in motherhood:

1. Planning and Daily Boundaries 

Set yourself up for daily success - this is a huge factor in mindfulness. The initial efforts to plan out each day will help set your mind up for a productive day as you tick off daily items rather than obsess or hyper focus on items far into the future or even in the next day. 

I use paper and pen as I benefit from the visual representation more than digital! But find what works best for you! Some prefer whiteboard calendars as well.

2. Diet, Lifestyle, & Supplements

Mindfulness is refreshing your mind while diet, lifestyle, and supplements help your body regain its strength. By practicing mindfulness internally, I feel more willing to care for myself externally. 

I made a few big changes to help boost my mood and energy levels. These included:

drastically increasing my water intake (especially since I am nursing), 

boosting my vitamin D3 intake to 3000 units (3 pills daily), 

taking a women’s specialized probiotic and collagen powder daily, 

take daily spirulina - for the omegas and serotonin boost, omega 3 oil, and ensuring I eat a balanced breakfast to start my day. A balanced breakfast includes a protein, carb, and 2 servings of fruits and/or vegetables. 

The supplements I use are: Organika Health, Tropeaka Protein, and Mega Food supplements! These specific brands have worked for me and I personally recommend them after many years of using them religiously. 

3. Prioritizing your time!

As parents we know our time for any form of self care is limited. One way I ensure to still get my mindfulness tasks accomplished is to include Mila in some of them. For example, we have post it notes with affirmations on them around our home and I will say the affirmations aloud while holding Mila and speaking to her and then to myself in the mirror. 

We’ve done this so often that Mila anticipates it in our morning routine and becomes excited and happy when I voice the affirmations aloud. It is a small daily adjustment that allows me to be more accountable to my affirmations and secure a set time to complete them! 

Practicing mindfulness can seem daunting especially when motherhood consumes is much of us.  But it is possible, acknowledge your small accomplishment each day and celebrate positive changes - and remember as you’re filling your cup mama try not to pour everything at once, be firm, keep your boundaries and your routine. You’ve got this! 

Xx Nikki 

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