Another Trip Around The Sun

Today marks my beginning of another trip around the sun—it’s my birthday! Cue the balloons, flash mob, and fireworks. I mean, that’s what should happen today right? The day is perfect with everything going my way… like the world is exclaiming at me, “TODAY’S ALL ABOUT YOU!” Wouldn’t that be nice…and a good musical. But today’s not about all that.

Today is an ordinary day: Wrangling my littles, juggling my part time job and growing brand. It’s not a milestone birthday, I’m just more into my 30s. And I like this decade (a lot), so I don’t mind turning another year older. Maybe I have a totally wrong self-perception, but I think I’m getting the hang of life—being a mother, a wife, a community member. Most importantly I’m getting used to…me. Yes, strange, but it’s true. It took...or rather is taking…me a while to settle into who I am without distractions and despite of them. As individuals we're always changing—heck, that's The Known Mama’s anthem—but it’s comforting to know I’m not chasing too far behind where I want to be. So, hooray to my year well spent—I’m far from perfect (to which my husband can attest) , but I’m a little more put together and perhaps a bit wiser than I was this time last year. And that counts for something.

Today isn’t about the hype so much as about taking a reflective pause to document in mind and heart how the year molded me. Today’s significance isn’t in the extras. Today’s significance is its embedded accountability check as to whether I’m heading in the best direction for me. I’m inviting you into part of my accountability check by reading personal reflections about lessons I’ve started learning this past year. Lessons I’ve heard incessantly but honestly never really tried to grasp. I’m sure you can relate—learned lessons you’ve been putting off for whatever reason. And, as accountability works, sharing mine here will reinforce continued practice for me. Here they are:

Take things day by day.

But seriously. It’s okay to take things day by day. Making decisions for myself, and making decisions with my husband for our family, is hard. We’ve been unsettled for the last couple years because they’re just that hard. Decisions surrounding parenthood, boundaries, what path(s) to follow. The challenging part is deciphering to what end do I be proactive on behalf of self and family. I desire control in some life areas, yet I question my decisions in others. Taking things day by day helps—it helps me release control of the long-term and boosts my confidence in decisions I make in the present. I’m not bound to a decision just because it’s made. I can change my mind—my husband and I can change our minds. Taking things day by day means having inner peace that we’re doing what we can and the best we can with what we’re given.

Early to rise makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Ok, so I’m not good at this. The inconsistency is a struggle—admittedly there are more days I don’t wake up before the littles, either because they’re up too early or I can’t find the motivation. But the days that I do are magic. Quiet. Productive. A time during which I prioritize. A way to start the day intentionally. It’s coveted time, and worth the often heavy eyes. Think of it as time you’re setting aside to invest in your betterment—even if the shortest amount of time, and even if inconsistent. I never regret waking up early—it does nothing but support my wellness. It’s one of the “easier” ways to show up for myself, to love myself.

Face your fears.

I live in more fear than I’d like to admit. Not debilitating fear, but it’s certainly held me back from certain life pursuits and personal growth. I’d like to think we all have fear about something. It’s natural. But even though natural, I don’t want to live in it. I don’t want it to represent my life, even if I’m the only one that knows. I gave fear the middle finger by starting The Known Mama—putting myself out there. Boldly. And I haven’t looked back. Between you and me, seeing my bravery in this smaller stuff helps me be more brave in the bigger stuff. But the size of the stuff is irrelevant because it’s still bravery. I’m (slowly) in the process of forbidding fear to take the best of me by giving credit to each and every one of my braveries. I bet this would be the same for you—bravery comes from courage, having strength in the face of anxiety and uncertainty. By showing strength you gain courage. You then practice bravery, and are able to carry that victory forward to the next opportunity.

"Why now?" is an obvious question I ask myself. Why am I just now integrating these lessons when I’ve suspected their power to offer bountiful goodness? But shhh—I don’t want to hear it from myself. For whatever reason the timing is now; the timing is perfect.

And with these lessons in mind and the accountability check complete, Happy Birthday to me. Cheers to another trip around the sun. And I'm sending love to mamas out there learning lessons.