Celebrating Your Heart Connections

As you're inspired to spoil littles and significant others this week due to a cultural push (let's be honest), how about this Valentine's Day we clear the clout of flowers and sweets and get back to fundamentals: Less automation and more reflection about others you care about in your life. Those with whom you share understanding and rooted love. These are people I call my "heart connections.”

They’re unique and irreplaceable, these heart connections. Not judged by the relationship’s current state, but rather its ongoing presence in your heart—the steady reminder—even if faint—of their impact. Nor are heart connections measured by time—time is irrelevant for those certain people to whom you feel tied. Heart connections, instead, are qualified in the way of their great intensity and healing. They come into your life in a loud or quiet manner, and in different ways. They are people that are sometimes easy to love and sometimes not, yet you keep pursuing that relationship because it means something. People that affirm you. Challenge you. Lead you. That love you well. And some of your heart connections aren’t with you anymore, for whatever reason. Still, their memory continues fueling you forward.

Yes such heart connections can be obvious like those in your nuclear family. But think bigger—think about the intentional relationships that contribute to your wellbeing and purpose. Your friendships, colleagues, mentors and beyond. In their fullness, all of these heart connections call you to your best, whole self: They bring about your authenticity, uncovering and unveiling parts of you. And that life-giving gift encourages reciprocity—you in turn share that kind of love with others.

My closest heart connections are my littles and my husband. Certainly meaningful, each of these three (soon to be four) relationships are at times hard to nurture but it’s worth it. Each serves as a sharpening tool for my prosperity, and each relationship glorifies love. Beyond them are more heart connections that help me experience the richness of life by promoting the best me. That’s pretty amazing—as it is for you too, mama.

Here’s to them—all my heart connections. And here’s to yours. May we be reminded of their specialness more often, and appreciate their transformational influence more greatly. Especially over these next few days let’s celebrate them.