How Yoga Supported Me Postpartum

Hi! I am Maggie, first time mama and yoga teacher sharing my journey in hopes it can inspire.

I found yoga about 8 years ago when I knew I needed to make a change. I was living a crazy lifestyle in LA, and between traveling and partying I was not taking care of myself physically or mentally! I was carrying a lot of trauma and grief with me that came out at the wrong time and I just knew I needed a change.

So, I sold everything I had and flew to Mexico to live and become a yoga teacher. I was able to confront so many emotions and uncover tools like breath work, meditation, and just slowing it down. It all helped me so much.

This past year, after I gave birth, there were so many emotions I felt and knew I needed to nourish my body after everything it had been through. I used the tool I learned of walking meditation--I would put the baby in a carrier and just walk. No music or phone, and when I noticed I was walking too fast I’d slow it down.

I practiced yoga moves when the baby was sleeping. I used gentle restorative poses to help ground me and the postpartum emotions.

When my husband could give me just 10 minutes I followed the below routine:

Breath work - alternate nostril breathing. Breathe deep from diaphragm, place right thumb on your right nostril and your ring finger on your left. Close eyes and close off right nostril to breathe in from left side exhale from right. Repeat on left, and alternate. Seated poses - allow yourself to feel grounded down. Gentle twists and side stretches. For strengthening add bridge pose. Make way to stand - shake out the legs find balance and ground down through soles of the feet. Start with side stretches. Balance - ground right foot down lift left knee. Bring the left foot to the calf or inside thigh for tree pose. Use your core to keep hips centered. Breathe. Smile. Alternate sides.

Rest - SAVASANA allow yourself 1-2 minutes to lie down with eyes closed and no distractions.

Take these minutes to check in with your body and mind!


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