Womenhood X The Known Mama

Hello, readers! I’m excited to introduce a new, fruitful extension of The Known Mama brand: Womenhood X The Known Mama podcast. Understanding people learn from and appreciate different types of connection, this podcast is a unique way of supporting The Known Mama’s overall mission of furthering self discovery, understanding and leveraging our strengths & weaknesses, living lives of action and not idleness, and building community.

The podcast’s name Womenhood X The Known Mama is intentional--”womenhood” is the plural of womanhood. We’re a collective. A group. A pack. Though we have differing individual experiences, our “womenhood,” our sense of belonging to one other, is a common thread running through us. We’re in it together.

While you’ll get me on the podcast, the other half is a friend, Jasmine--a corporate world professional, mom of three, and west coast transplant in Boston. With similarities and differences, we easily bonded as steadfast friends. Sharing with each other over the years has been deeply gratifying and life-giving, as many womanly friendships are. So, with a creative spark from Jasmine partnered with my growing The Known Mama, we crazily committed to a podcast, inviting listeners to be a part of our friendship.

From this spirit of comradery, we hope to provide a safe, inclusive space that talks from a woman’s perspective about all things life. It’s really that simple--we want to process and be vulnerable with you. So please try it on and see how it fits, you may just like it!

Womenhood X The Known Mama will be releasing two episodes a month, with the introduction and first episode being released today. Listen to it now. There’s also a newly created section on this site that gives more info. Please offer feedback and grace, it’s as new for us as it is for you!