Is 2020 Getting The Best Of You?

Inarguably 2020 distinguishes itself as a trial year—we’ve exhausted the term “unprecedented” and ourselves, in every way. All we’ve managed to do this year is try to keep our personal sanity in tact. But it has proven itself easier said than done. 

Despite this novel craziness, you have it together more than you think. Seriously. Life interruptors can be invasive and complicated—plans have gone out the window, finances in jeopardy, and navigating new adjustments in the home is maddening. As a collective we’ve normalized the crazy and have one common goal: to survive. There’s significant changes you’ve been navigating lately, mama. 

In this season you’re probably putting yourself—out of obligation--on the back burner, more than usual. Now more than ever you’re straining daily to regain order, with even fewer moments to spend with yourself and for yourself. But as much of a hot mess as you perceive yourself to be, you’re actually a constant in the midst of this worldly unbalance. And that

realization is a powerful tool to…”survive." Through this chaos you’re still you, you just may need to remind yourself of that. And there’s a simpler way in doing so rather than fighting fatigue and your calendar to make imaginary time appear for rest: Think about your values. 

What are your principles, meaningful goals you’ve set for yourself and family? What guides your decision making and grounds you when you’re detached? Your core values remain constant, thus your essence remains stable. Hear that? Deep down, you’re stable. Recalling your values brings inner peace, no matter what’s competing. You can trust your values, they’ve refocused you before and held up against some tough stuff in your past. So although this year has been one of hardship and hysteria, remember you’re still the same woman, and you won’t lose her in this. Hang in there. The impact of 2020 is great but your values, greater. 

So is 2020 getting the best of you? Absolutely not. You’ve still got your values. You’re still you.