Let's Stop "Should've"

I absolutely loathe the world should. It's a horrible word, and I wish it would just go away. But it can't, and it won't. So, all we can do is not use it. By definition should means "to indicate obligation, correctness, and expectation." The term is confining--it's usage often limits personal processing, hopes and desires. The word trades your freedom of thought and action for what society deems acceptable.

No question, our lives benefit from having method to the madness. And committing to moral and ethical guidelines bring personal enrichment. But we can follow our inner compass and be in a loyal, loving relationship with God without the harsh punishment of telling ourselves and each other how we "should" go through life. Being held accountable in grace is much different than stiffly walking a tightrope to appease culture.

What if we stopped saying should and instead chose want to, need to, called to? Ah, there's the freedom--there's the charge to be you. Uniquely you. And there's the opportunity to uphold others to do the same.