Welcome, Readers.

Welcome, readers, to a blog that has you in mind. Excited to present this passion project to an audience, as I've yearned to share my writings for quite some time. A combination of inspiration and life circumstance motivated me to finally turn into action the desire preserved on my heart for so long--the desire to talk about womanhood with other women. And now being a mama, it's that much more pressing to be in community, continuing self development. My littles' souls need the best of me, just as yours do. Thus, here's a space in which that growth and connection happen.

My career began in journalism in New York City, but realizing that I wanted to more closely serve those about whom I wrote, I went back to graduate school to obtain my MSW (Master of Social Work). Then, achieving my LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) title granted me the ability to practice clinically in Boston, which I've been doing for eight years. And now, at last, the desire to unite my skills is taking fruition by launching this site. My works are infused with clinical and personal experience, with the simple goal of caring for you.

"The Known Mama" name derives from the idea of being known: Knowing myself, known in a spiritual sense by the Creator, and being known as a part of a people community. To be known offers identity and belonging, and I offer that invitation to you--come and be known. 

In the spirit of mutual engagement, there’s also a section on the site called “Ask me anything.” This gives you the opportunity to submit questions about whatever’s on your mind relating to your holistic wellness. I’ll answer these questions live on a weekly basis via instagram. Your privacy is respected and upheld, thus your identity will remain anonymous—through your contributions we will be able to intimately support each other. More details to come, so be sure to follow my instagram. 

Thank you for visiting the site, I hope you stick around. And a special thank you to those who push me, affirm me, and know me.