Hi! I'm originally from San Diego, did my college years at WSU and have resided in Boston for over 10 years now. I have three little humans (twin boys and a baby girl) with my husband Alex, and before joining the corporate world I was a musician and administrator in higher education.

Womenhood X The Known Mama



Womenhood: Women collectively; the state of being a woman; having womanly character and qualities. This is what we’re about — seeing life through a woman’s perspective. Offering wisdom, fact and opinion, join us as we talk about relevant issues facing women today.  We’re just two friends who want to share our real-time processing with you, our listeners.

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Hi! Born and raised in Atlanta, migrated to NYC and Boston for a decade before coming back down south. Went to UGA then got my masters in clinical social work while in Boston, along with post graduate certificates in adolescent and family therapy. Writing and connecting are my passions, aside from my two littles (soon 3!) and husband, Bryan.